The Lodging for the Rose

a series of novels
 by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


 Episode 2a 

The Ice Age Challenge


When the 'fire' of love goes out in the world,
a new 'Ice Age' begins.
The challenge is to re-light the fire, and this in record time,
before the real Ice Age returns and overtakes us. 


The Ice Age is coming! 

The novel is fiction, but the coming Ice Age is not. Here fiction and reality merge. As the boundaries blur we find sexual and social boundaries fading as well. A love stories unfolds in this setting that paints the Principle of Universal Love with the colors of romance, passion, politics, conspiracies, love, religion, sex, wide horizons, and even a faint dawning of a sense of universal marriage since we are all human beings together. The novel explores scientific and moral freedoms on a platform where the seemingly impossible becomes achievable.

The novel is Episode 2A of the series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose.

Yes, the race is on. The challenge is to not allow the Ice Age to overtake humanity, while the struggling in this race hasn't even begun. Is anyone daring to join the protagonists and the few who are daring to test the slopes?

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