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Universal Love

A series of 12 novels 

 "The Lodging for the Rose"



The series explores the Principle of Universal Love -- a most challenging proposition in a world where love is shunned, mankind is torn by divisions, society darkened by isolation, and the nations are threatened by war and economic insanity that put into question our very survival. But can the ancient seals be broken in our 'advancing' world world that have kept the book of the Principle of Universal Love tightly locked down for millennia, socially, politically, culturally, and economically?

The series unfolds in a fictional world in which the present paradigms are left miles behind, fading as mist of twisted history and stubborn dark ages of self-denial that were spent in the sewers serving empires.  

Free online access to the complete text of the novels has been provided by the author for all who cannot afford the printed books.

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A living art garden 
of the invisible shapes that shape us
in the wide landscape of love




  Episode 1 - Discovering Love

How does a gardener love a rose?
Isn't its beauty rooted in his heart?
A rose means nothing to a rat.
What do we discover then in our love, 
but ourselves? 

  Episode 2A - The Ice Age Challenge 

When the 'fire' of love goes out in the world,
a new 'Ice Age' begins.
The challenge is to re-light the fire, and this in record time,
before the real Ice Age returns and overtakes us. 

  Episode 2B - Roses at Dawn in an Ice Age World

How can one grow roses in a frozen land?
Does one 'melt' the world to do it?
Or is the task simpler,
like melting the ice in the heart? 

  Episode 3 - Winning Without Victory

When the fire of war seems like peace,
how can we reach for the fire of love that is peace?


preliminary edition 10/07

Episode 4a Seascapes and Sand (preliminary edition Oct. 2007)

Amidst the snows of Moscow,
a single flower promises a new spring,
It uplifts the 'seascape' as it nourishes a daring love.
a love so rare that it seems impossible to trust. 


preliminary edition 12/06

Episode 4b The Flat Earth Society

A club of dreamers,
seeking flowers in a rut,
in the badlands where flowers cannot grow,
But there are butterflies - our aimless guides with coloured wings of science,
sentinels of sweeter lands. 


preliminary edition 01/07

Episode 5a Glass Barriers

As rain falls in a long-parched land,
many windows are flung open;
love flings aside barriers, transparent and fragile,
 of a glass that has no strength against love. 


preliminary edition

Episode 5b Coffee Sex and Biscuits

Do we live by water and bread, alone? 
We become alive in joy, sometimes with a daring to be true to ourselves,
we become a movement set in motion with an imperative of its own,
aiming to pull the world  up behind us, as love grows into life. 



preliminary edition 12/06

Episode 6a Endless Horizons

When the meadow becomes too 'small' to flourish its flowers ,
do we need to set it ablaze and start anew?
Or do we simply make it a richer place,
nourished with the Principle of Universal Love? 


preliminary edition

Episode 6b Angels of Sex in Queensland

In times of a great drought that consumes the world, we need rain.
In the human world we need love;
we need to loosen the seals that have held back its flow?
But can we develop the science for it,
even the science for enriching the parched landscape of sex? 


preliminary edition

Episode 7 Sword of Aquarius

People say forest fires are natural,
but human fires are not - fires in ice!
Can we heal both scenes?
What should be impossible with the Principle of Universal Love? 


preliminary edition

Episode 8 Lu Mountain

When 'paradise' becomes the place to flee from,
where do we go?
There is a mountain in China, called Lodging,
a historic place for healing. 



Other Novels by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


As the 'roof' of our world is disintegrating,
and its 'sheltering wings' fail that gave rise to civilization,
in order for us to live 
our 'roof' must be rebuilt,
 the 'famished affections' must be nourished as never before...
But can we meet that challenge? 



  Flight Without Limits  NEW - 2007 Edition (science fiction)

What are the limits of our humanity?
Are there any limits?
We face physical limits, perhaps - the distance of space, maybe.
but are there limits to the mind, to love? 

  Brighter than the Sun (fiction - love in the shadow of a nuclear war)

In the night of the terror by nuclear bombs,
we can only dream of the sun.
But our love, the sunshine of the human heart, remains,
and so we discover ourselves as being surrounded by our own light,
that is brighter than the sun. 

(the books do NOT contain pornography, violence, or coarse language, 
nevertheless the subject matter is not suitable for small children)

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